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Elin’s life and career are dedicated to agriculture. She is a farmer and understands the needs of land based economies.

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About Elin

Global Leadership

The Board of CNFA (Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture) elected Elin as its chair in October 2017. CNFA is an international agricultural development organization that has worked in 45 countries worldwide since 1985. She continues to serve on Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, Vestaron Corporation and other corporate boards.

Seeds of Success

30 years of leadership in global and U.S. business and government focused on improving profits, efficiencies and reputations.

Leadership in the Board Room

Extensive governance and strategy development serving on for profit and not-for-profit boards.

Service and Experience


  • Providing strategic counsel on political and regulatory needs from a global and local perspective; 
  • Organizational Effectiveness, engaging leadership teams to deliver organizational results;
  • Building consensus on difficult decisions so that your team and other important stakeholders are moving in the same direction;

Client Centric Approach

Elin approaches her clients' business challenges as she would her own. At Elin Miller Consulting, LLC we offer personal, hands-on involvement during our strategic counsel and implementation process, with each step tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. Throughout, we work collaboratively with you and your team to ensure that any recommendations are made with your involvement to ensure overall business success.

Leadership and Creativity

Elin brings expertise in managing complex business situations in diverse settings towards sensible solutions. In addressing each problem encountered, her approach is based around inspiring those around her to be part of the fix. Elin has delivered improvements to company performance, government performance and dealt with complex merger transactions in various countries around the world.  She enjoys tackling challenges that others view as insurmountable.

Commitment to Agriculture

Elin fell in love with agriculture starting in high school, gaining her first real exposure as a state and then national Future Farmers of America (FFA) officer. Today, after a successful career in agribusiness, she has come full circle and owns UmpquaNut Farm where she farms hazelnuts with her husband, Bill. She has given back to agriculture throughout her career as the 2008 Chair-elect on the National FFA Sponsor's Board and chair of the National FFA Foundation. In September 2016, the National FFA Organization honored her with its VIP Citation.


Elin was elected  in October 2017 as Chair of CNFA, Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture.  In August,s he was elected to the board of Fall Creek Farm and Nursery.  In October of FFA gave her the VIP Citation.


"Elin was instrumental in providing us valuable insight into EPA concerns. Her advice lead to breakthrough dialogue and understandings with the Agency that were critical for our project.  She was an asset to our team effort." Jeff Klieve, Director, Environmental Affairs at Monsanto Company

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